Sunday morning…

October 7, 2007 


The morning met me a little late today.  As I woke I traveled to the window expecting to see a haze or a fog or something that would represent the aftermath of what happened the night before, but the streets were filled with people, not as many as I imagine usually walk the city, but they were there, nonetheless.  I did however notice the pace was slower, and the cafe across the street moved a fraction less than the preceding day of laughter and carefreelessness that I had come up with in my head, looking down from this same window to the street.  The town had picked up the pieces so I guess I will start the day, as best as any foreigner could do after arriving on a beautiful day prior to a night that would stop the city cold.


I’m not in a third world country.  I’m not in the middle of a civil or world war for that matter, either.  You see I’m in Chicago…  And the Cubs just got knocked outta the playoffs…..  After I make my way through a cup of coffee and brush the loss off my shoulders I remember the more important things in Life like THE SOONERS won and USC lost, which I have nothing against but may help us in the polls and does make last weeks loss to Colorado taste a bit better considering my freakin manager is from Colorado, but who has not once rubbed it in, due to the fact that he is professional, and has a heart…..  or he is worried about me bustin’ the house up wall by wall until it filters onto the neighbors house,who had nothing to do with anything…  and who needs a lawsuit…


Yep I love this city, always have.  I’m here doin’ a New Series for my favorite network, TNT, who have done great things for me and my career.  It’s called “LEVERAGE” directed and executive produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Godzilla) and executive produced by John Rodgers (Tranformers) so what a great team to be working with….  Can’t get too much into it right now until they tell me what I can release about the show, but I will say the character I’m playing could kick the Shit outta Lindsey McDonald, well pre “season 5” I guess..  I think you guys will really enjoy the show.


Talked to Boreanaz before I left L.A. and he’s doin well, and very happy..  With the help of all of you supporting him and his show.  Keep it up..  Sorry to everyone in Australia, really wanted to see you blokes and get to meet you, I WILL be there soon I promise…  Don’t give up on me, and I’m bringin’ my Guitar…  But I have to work or I won’t have anything to talk about witcha’..  Thanx to everybody down under for bein’ so understanding…   


Gonna put a new song up on MySpace that a lot of people have heard over in England but I wanted to share it with the rest of the world, See what ya’ll think as well….  It’s a little theme song that plays in my head from time to time.  Let us know what you think…..

Gotta go, the wind is blowing in the Windy City and I got to do my part to help rebuild the city one beer at a time…  Wish me luck and “Buckle up Tight”………




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43 responses to “Sunday morning…

  1. belfalas

    Congratulations on the new project, which sounds exciting!

    And yeah, rebuilding the city is obviously nothing more than your civic duty, given the weight of the disaster that’s fallen on it. 🙂

  2. Football references? Whoosh. Straight over my head. *g* I’m British and we play rugby (no padding on our boys)!

    Fantastic news on the new series – something else to look forward to seeing.

    …”character I’m playing could kick the Shit outta Lindsey McDonald, well pre “season 5″ I guess….”

    Ack! You can’t just say that and stop! More info please?

    Sorry you’re missing the con in Oz and even more sorry for the folks DownUnder. But there’s always next year and Kane’s world tour… yes? *G*

  3. kaneaddict

    Hi Chris! Sorry about the Cubs – better luck next season. Thrilled that you’ve some tv work coming in. They’re currently re-showing season 1 of Close To Home here in Holland and I’ve been pining for some fresh CK stuff because you light up the screen, so I’m as happy as a pig in s**t. Looking forward to the new movies – I’ve still not seen Her Minor Thing, as the studio is having trouble finding a distributor in Europe for the dvd. Luv you, you lovely boy – come and see us soon in Amsterdam! Lots of hugs, Lynn (a.k.a. kanaddict)

  4. cmb2339

    lol. Just awesome dude. Remind me not to get between you and a TV with foot ball on it, alright? I’ll leave you to you’re busy work of getting everyone drunk, then.

  5. Wooohooo!!
    Thx sooo much for putting the new songs up! I’ve already loved “Different Kinda Knight” from the first time I heard it at the Troubadour in London last year. This song is just wonderful!! Same for “Let’s take a drive”. You really made my day…well or lets say night since it’s in the middle of the night over here in Germany :-))

    Congrats for the new series you’re in. Sounds pretty cool. Looking forward to watching it!!

    Take care
    Christine K.

  6. lissie23

    It’s great to hear from you. I’m glad that you’re working hard and i wish i had cable to watch your new show…when it comes out.

    Glad to hear that David is doing great, we love that guy. he’s an amazing actor but i miss him doing Angel. I was reading an interview you did for one of the Buffy mags and i totally agree with you about how they killed you off.

    i think the should have given you a chance. you should have been in the alley at the end but damn if they didn’t go and kill you. Everybody deserves redemption.

    Thanks for updating and be careful, you know we love ya darlin’ 😀

  7. morrigan111

    Take care and Good Luck!

    Kisses from Italy

  8. teambitch

    Gotta love the Cubs, even though the Yankees are better. 😉 As for THE SOONERS…gotta hand it to ’em. Wanna talk sports? I’m your girl.

    As for the songs…CK. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a genius? The new songs (as well as the old ones) are a-fucking-mazing. Keep up the great work!


  9. kaniac

    Fab news about new show…..can’t wait to see it

  10. mustangmama

    Wow a new show! That’s great. TNT puts out some good stuff. I need a good new show to get into and one with you, that’s awesome! Sorry about the Cubs, more power to them next year. My hubby’s team hasn’t made it near the playoffs in like forever, The Redskins.

    Like the new songs. Been wanting to hear something new from you. Eagerly awaiting for the tour dates, hoping it brings you somewhere near me.

    Well it’s been a hectic day here so I’m gonna kick back with a Budweiser or two, well after today maybe three. I’ll drink one in toast to you. Good Luck! Cheers!

  11. babysquid

    our Cubbies may have lost, and what a way to go!, but finally the Bears made a decent showing. and speaking as someone who has to take the Red Line past Wrigley… I’m sorta happy about the loss (don’t hate me!) since it makes travel times a little easier. 😉

    congrats on the new show! and it’s filming here? awesome! any hints on where? it was fun wandering downtown all summer when Batman was filming.

  12. kbarrett

    Go Sooners! It’s nice to see you are still support your boys. Can’t wait to see your new series. Sounds like a blast. And, hey, who couldn’t beat up Lindsey? Sheesh. Although he did have that evil hand thing working for him for awhile.

    Do you ever plan to do more work with Joss Whedon? Or how about a guest spot on Supernatural? They have tons of BTVS alums on their show all of the time. I think my T.V. would explode if you and Ackles were on the screen at the same time. You’d make one awesome demon hunter. Or demon. Or ghost. Or whatever. You get the point.

  13. mustangmama

    Oh boy do I feel silly. I know the Cubs are baseball and I made reference about football in my last reply. Ugh, it’s been a long day. I like baseball, but I don’t have a team. Anyhoo, take care and have a good week. I’m on that second Bud now. Cheers!

  14. menomegirl

    Sorry about the Cubbies. Wonderful news on your TNT series, though.

    If it ever comes up, hey! Seconding the “Supernatural” guest spot suggestion. That’d be cool.

    Thanks for the update!

  15. piksa

    Football and baseball go over my head, or more precisely your versions of them. *g*

    Great news of the new series. I do hope it makes its way to Finland too some day. Unfortunately we seem to get all series here really late. They are only now showing the first season of Close to Home.

    The new songs are great! I do hope you come to Europe again next year.

  16. dee12

    Sorry about the Cubs Im hoping I wont feel that way after the coming weekend with England V France in Rugby. So glad to hear of the new stuff and a character kick lindsey’s ass brilliant. love the new songs. Good luck with all you do

    Dee x

  17. dealiberty

    Not quite following the baseball (?) references but got the sentiment. It happens with the football (soccer?) in the UK as well.

    Definitely looking forward to hearing more about/seeing this new series, and if he can kick the shit outta Lindsey, it’s a guaranteed success!

    Absolutely adored the tracks back in London, and still loving them as much as ever now. Can’t wait for the new CD.

  18. Couldn’t wake up better than that… It’s quarter to eleven am and Silvia just woke me up with the new songs… awww… It was a pleasure to hear them again, since they were my fave songs of your European gigs… Glad to hear about all of your news, the show sounds cool 🙂
    Proud of you as always ^_^

  19. morrigan111

    Nothing can stop to you! You’re unbelievable.
    I love knights… 😉


  20. Sports references first thing in the morning? Wait out of my league, lol.

    Go do your civic duty one beer at a time… it’s hard work, but somebody has to do it, right?

    Can’t wait to hear more about the new show!

  21. destucson

    So, I’m reading the first paragraph and feeling bad, wondering what in the hell happened…dramatic much??! *lol* C’mon…don’t the Rockies deserve to win? 😀 And please God, just let ANYONE win EXCEPT the freakin’ Red Sox!!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the new series. That’s great news! Keepin’ busy I see. Dude, my 6lb cat coulda kicked Lindsey’s ass pre-season 5. No offense. *lol*

    The songs – Let’s Take a Drive is good. Most of your stuff is. Different Kind of Knight is incredible though! It’s haunting and sultry and I can completely relate to the lyrics…not sure if that’s a good thing. This is probably my favorite song of yours so far and it’s obviously from your heart. (I should get a myspace so I can tell you this over there, huh?)

    Don’t let all that stardom get to ya. 😉 Stay true and keep writin’ good songs.

  22. myrlyn

    Just heard the two new songs and thought they were wonderful! Enjoy Chicago and keep being a good minded citizen!

    I look forward to seeing you on the small screen again ~ it always make for a better evening!

  23. krebsbach

    So current you are in Chicago. That’s not to far from St. Paul, Minnesota there is a lot of people up here that would love to see KANE at maybe a place called the MYTH. Just a hint. LOL! It’s was good to hear Big Dave is doing good. But my 6 year old daughter would really like you to make him some BBQ chicken. He’s a little thin. Why BBQ because you are from Oklahoma and so is Jim Ross (WWE announcer) who has his own BBQ sauce. You see where I am going with this. LOL! i can’t wait to see you in the new show.

  24. sharonmarais

    Dude – I feel your pain, though baseball is not my game – but every year when the Canucks go out of the playoffs and someone else gets their mitts on the Stanley Cup I get the same feeling. Maybe next season eh?

    Great to hear about a new series – I wish you all the best for it, I love Lyndsey McDonald – wish he’d had a bigger role and a better ending….so I hope Leaverage goes well and we get to see it in the UK someday.

    HUGS and best wishes

  25. sharonmarais

    Dude – I feel your pain, though baseball is not my game – but every year when the Canucks go out of the playoffs and someone else gets their mitts on the Stanley Cup I get the same feeling. Maybe next season eh?

    Great to hear about a new series – I wish you all the best for it, I loved Lyndsey McDonald – wish he’d had a bigger role and a better ending….so I hope Leaverage goes well and we get to see it in the UK someday.

    HUGS and best wishes

  26. geminiloveca

    Best wishes on the new series. I’ve been saying for a long time you needed to be on TV more. And if this character could take Lindsey… well then he must definitely be a bad ass! Hope Chicago appreciates their good fortune to have you in their city. Maybe it’ll make up a little for their Cubbies losing.

  27. kaliyah

    Oh the thrill of victory and the ah-go-knee of de-feet! LOL

    Geez, I thought your dog died or something! You know, the temptation to tease you unmercifully for being a big ol drama queen is very great – must – show – restraint – ackkk!!

    BTW – congrats on your new series! My TiVo and I are set to party! LOL

    resistance – weakening – can’t – must – hold – on…

    You do realize that it’s probably your fault that the Cubs lost right? Were you wearing your lucky hat/t-shirt/underwear/socks/mitt?

    *ducks, and runs for cover* hee! hee!

  28. kanegirl80

    Oooh! New SERIES *and* new SONGS!! Woohoo! 🙂

    Just listened to “Different Kind of Knight” & “Let’s Take a Drive” and *love* them!! 🙂

    I looooove COUNTRY music! Always have & always will!! When I first heard your music, I was immediately drawn to it, coz of the country-flair of it and I just keep falling in love with it more and more everytime I hear it!!(Your music, that is. Lol. *grin*)

    I love all your songs, of course, but my first “love” will always be “The Chase”. 🙂 First time I heard it I went, “This song is AWESOME!!!” and kept playing it over and over. 🙂

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes, that KANE will come to Portland, OR(my hometown) REALLY soon!!!! 😀

    Oh yeah! I love David’s series, “BONES”…it’s great! Sooo funny and good! I have the 1st season on dvd. 🙂

    *HUGS & LOVE*


    CURRENT MUSIC: Something’s Gotta Give

  29. pandy64

    Congrats 🙂
    and we decided to let ya’ll have this one.
    signed pandy
    (in Texas)

  30. roxannemackenzie

    Way too happy that something else is being filmed in Chicago. We just dont get the love we should get ! I seriously hope you stick around until Steve comes in November… maybe crash the gig (hint hint begs and batts eyes LOL) Enjoy your time here in my home town. Take in a Bears game and get your drink on. If its one thing we know in Chicago its food and drinking. Congrats on thew show and love the new music as well.

    **hugs and tequila**

  31. shellnwendi

    well u know how to find ur tour guide.
    be prepared for a bit of some good ole windy city fall coming around while ur here. bouts to get really chilly. singing n drinking n working n giving me ALL the money that u have will keep u warm n snuggly. 😉 J/K good ole days joke. gonna take a listen to these songs i hear r pretty hot. time 4 a change in tunes 4 little ole me. enjoy my town while ur kicking ass n taking names. lookin forward to the show. don’t 4gets to pop in on JZ n the gang too while ur up there. wave hi to the boyz 4 me’s. off to jam


  32. shellnwendi

    oh yaz. n Go Sox Go. U needs to head on downtown a bit boy! lol! We have better hotdogs n pizza n beer ne wayz. luvs ya.

  33. summermoon

    Yeah, the Cubs may have lost, but the Red Sox are still in it!! Maybe after the Sox win another series, I’ll pull for the Cubs. 🙂 Though a sox/cubs series might be interesting.

    Glad to hear David is well, I love Bones.

    Can’t wait to see the new show. (And new album, *ahem*)

  34. kaliyah

    Re: the two new songs.

    You know, every Kane song I’ve heard thus far has at least one line that, for me, makes the song. It’s one or more lines that stand out, evoking images and feelings that stick with me long after the song is over. That particular line in “Different Kind of Knight” is “All the boys with those white horses don’t know how to ride”. In context, it’s just, perfect.

    But – yeah there’s a “but”, actually a couple – strictly my opinion, but you asked, so I’m gonna tell you :p!

    In the song, both parties have come to this cynical, disillusioned point, but there’s got to be something driving the guy to talk to the girl – even if it’s just sex. There’s also got to be some reason why she’s willing to go off with him. You know what? I’m not getting it. To tell you the truth, the first time I heard the song, I was surprised that she wanted to go off with him in the end! God knows I’m a cynical bitch, maybe a bit too cynical, cause I completely missed that nuance.

    Anyway, apart from the actual lyrics, I don’t really feel it until the song is almost over. When you sing her part toward the end (be gentle with me etc.) it’s only then that I not only hear but feel the reckless passion, the desperate desire that burns off the apathy and cynicism permeating most of the song. But, it comes at the end. (I really like that part.)

    I guess what I’ve gone round robin hood’s barn to say, is that I have mixed feelings about the song. The first 3/4’s feels way too ambivalent to me, it’s only in the last quarter that I feel the passion vibrating through the song – that’s when the song comes alive for me. I guess I just wish that happened earlier in the song.

    As an aside: I love your voice because of your ability to be subtle as well as bold in your portrayal of a wide variety of emotions (and colors) – not many vocalists have that gift.

    “Let’s take a Drive”
    It’s a beautiful, well-written, song. But, and I channel Simon Cowell as I say this, it’s too old for you. You don’t look old enough to have a daughter that’s gone through something like that, and I find it hard to believe you when I hear you sing it. This feels like a major hit for someone else, not necessarily a good fit in the catalog of Kane songs I’ve heard thus far.

  35. I think I gotta agree with some of the others, you are a drama queen. ;P And also, baseball? Totally over my head. That’s what I get for being European, talk to me about soccer, handball and maybe ice hockey, but baseball and football so aren’t my sport.

    Already left a comment at MySpace about the new songs (love ’em, especially ‘Different Kind Of Knight’), so right now I’m just gonna say that it’s completely your fault – you made me start listening to Country. Shame on you. 😉

    Can’t wait to see the new series, although what you’ve written got me thinking: Do you ever get annoyed that almost everybody still compares your roles to Lindsey, or is there some pride that Lindsey managed to leave that much of an impression?

    Have a good week. 🙂

  36. Stumbled acrossed your music browsing thru myspace, and even though I’m not much for country, I really liked a few of them. Tried looking for info on when the new CD will be coming ~ any dates? or will it be available on itunes?

    Thanks so much and look forward to hearing more.

  37. gwenk

    Hey Chris…..

    The new songs are amazing! “Let’s Take A Drive” is my favorite. I mean, except when “Different Kind of Knight” is my favorite. They’re both my happy place right now. 🙂

    I’m with you on the Cubbies and shall drink a Bud or three in commiseration.

    New show!! YES!! Awesome news. Plus, whoever said it’d be great to see you guest on Supernatural…..I’m all over that. You and Jensen on the same screen….aahhhhh. 🙂

    Take care, can’t wait to hear more new music!


  38. morrigan111


    Have a good magic day!


  39. See, now I’ve got “Different Kind of Knight” constantly running through my head – thank you very much mister ;P!

    Previous to the past 24 hours, I listened to the song a total of 3 times: twice before my last post, and one random time last week cause it was on someone’s myspace page.

    When it started up yesterday morning I was compelled to actually seek out and listen to the song again. Seems my initial reaction was filtered more by my cynical world-weary self than anything else.

    The world-weary jaded me wonders why she’d go off with some guy, since all she’ll get from that bottle of tequila is a random hang-over instead of more heartache. Forcing that aside for a mo, I get it. In fact, it’s a really beautiful song. So having it stuck in my head is no real hardship :).

  40. ellogorgeous

    Yes, I would have to agree Chicago is a great city. In fact, coming from someone who lives there, it is one of the best cities on Earth.

    I was heartbroken when the Cubs were swept, but there’s always next year.

    Oh, and I think Kane should have a show in Chicago in the near future.

  41. bbashful66

    Okay…I’m not really sure, maybe its just the mood I’m in today but…Diffrent kind of Knight seriously makes me cry. And not like a single tear either…

    Its amazing….Just thought I’d let you know.

  42. geminiloveca

    Okay, I finally got a change to sit and really listen to Different Kind of Knight and Let’s Take a Drive. Dude, I cried my fricken eyes out!

    It’s like they came along at this moment where – yeah, I’m dealing with a lot of the same issues. Relationships suck, disillusioned with dreams of “perfection” that never quite find fruition, feeling run-down and run-around and all-around disappointed with everything. So I blame my already emotional overload for the excessive bawling, but wow…. powerful.

    If you guys do decide to include these on the record, can I humbly request you keep that gorgeously simple arrangement? Anything more than a voice and a guitar (or two) and the words and meaning will get lost overwhelmed.

  43. “Drama Queen” kinda nails it 😉
    Reading the first part of your blog I kept wondering what the hell might have happened! But I really love the style of this entry.
    Can’t quite follow the feeling, of course. No idea about baseball and such. Sorry. 😦

    As for the rest of it… big fangirl-squeak! Uhm. Okay. Just had to do that. I’ll try and behave…

    The new show sounds GREAT. Hope very much we get to see it overseas, too. Otherwise I’ll have to do some internet shopping again. *lol*

    As for the songs … loved them already when I first heard them in the UK. Glad you now have them up on MySpace so we can listen to them and oh my god, I did … At least a hundred times. ^^

    Different kind of knight: love it, love it, love it! Became my favourite song the minute I heard you sing it for the first time… it makes me cry every time I hear it. Though I can’t tell you if that’s just because of the song itself or because it reminds me of the UK-Tour, all the fun we had over there and how much I miss the travelling and my friends and you guys of course …
    I’m still trying to figure out if that song is really romantic or just sad. Don’t get too much of a romantic feeling, to be honest. But that might just be a language problem. Misinterpretation and such.

    As for let’s take a drive: Love it! But if that song ends up on the CD (and I really hope, both songs make it!) PLEASE add a booklet with the lyrics. How are non-english people expected to understand the chorus, huh? I got the feeling most natives don’t really get what you’re singing there. *lol*

    Anyway. Thanks for the blog, sorry for the late comment, hope to read some more news, soon and take care!!

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