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Monday, March 3 @ The Rutledge in Nashville…

Man oh man..  Finally we get to play… I f you haven’t already heard we are doin’ a showcase for the label (Columbia Nashville) and I for one am so excited about getting back on stage with the boys.  It is supposed to be a private “family affair” and I said fine, I’m bringin’ my family… KANIACS..  I have oppened the show to the public cause I couldn’t fire the gun without my boys and girls there.  I do realize it is short notice but the great thing about Nashville that week is that every country artist will be in town due to CRS so somewhere in town your favorites will be playin’ from stages to hole in the walls.  So I am inviting you to the city that has been my home for the last two years.

CRS starts tues. so Kane is kickin’ it off monday night..  There will be a lot of whiskey and love in the air, if this is for you get your ass to Nashville.  Unfortunately, Steve has a prior engagement so he will not be there.  But my man Southard and Jimmie Lee Sloas will be, along with some heavy Nashville hitters and you might see some faces in the crowd that you know..  We are almost road bound and would love to kick the new year off with the people that have supported us all these years..  This will be the first time we play some of the new stuff and I promise a couple of familiar ones for the front row..  Hopefully see you Mon. and welcome to my house……….



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Last on the front was a battle lost in the windy city.. and the flags symbolizing that of a bear emblazed with a letter C were flown at half mast.. But all was not lost with the massacre that I will name as The Black Wrigley.. You see from the ashes arose a small victory in the town of bad baseball luck. I found a small group of leaders that promised a new beginning. Dean Devlin, John Rodgers, and Red Sox warrior, and Academy Award Winner Timothy Hutton…. They have led me to a better land, where victory is restored. The series we were there to film HAS BEEN PICKED UP!

 “Leverage” is a GO… Another year in the sun. I am so grateful this show has sprung to life, it is an oppurtunity to play a unbeleivably fun and challenging role in a show that has everything from Drama, Action, and Intrigue to Comedy.. I am so fortunate to be working with this talented and passionate team that puts as much heart into their work as I do… Couldn’t ask for more..   Plus coming from the Angel world these guys are Action junkies like me… It also let us continue going 90 miles an hour and 100% on the new album which is coming faster and faster as we speak…

Also have some great news in the music world that is being locked as we speak… WE WILL BE BACK in a day or two, right here, with my fire and blanket to let you know more, and this is very exciting news to me… Hope you like it… BUCKLE UP!!!



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Sunday morning…

October 7, 2007 


The morning met me a little late today.  As I woke I traveled to the window expecting to see a haze or a fog or something that would represent the aftermath of what happened the night before, but the streets were filled with people, not as many as I imagine usually walk the city, but they were there, nonetheless.  I did however notice the pace was slower, and the cafe across the street moved a fraction less than the preceding day of laughter and carefreelessness that I had come up with in my head, looking down from this same window to the street.  The town had picked up the pieces so I guess I will start the day, as best as any foreigner could do after arriving on a beautiful day prior to a night that would stop the city cold.


I’m not in a third world country.  I’m not in the middle of a civil or world war for that matter, either.  You see I’m in Chicago…  And the Cubs just got knocked outta the playoffs…..  After I make my way through a cup of coffee and brush the loss off my shoulders I remember the more important things in Life like THE SOONERS won and USC lost, which I have nothing against but may help us in the polls and does make last weeks loss to Colorado taste a bit better considering my freakin manager is from Colorado, but who has not once rubbed it in, due to the fact that he is professional, and has a heart…..  or he is worried about me bustin’ the house up wall by wall until it filters onto the neighbors house,who had nothing to do with anything…  and who needs a lawsuit…


Yep I love this city, always have.  I’m here doin’ a New Series for my favorite network, TNT, who have done great things for me and my career.  It’s called “LEVERAGE” directed and executive produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Godzilla) and executive produced by John Rodgers (Tranformers) so what a great team to be working with….  Can’t get too much into it right now until they tell me what I can release about the show, but I will say the character I’m playing could kick the Shit outta Lindsey McDonald, well pre “season 5” I guess..  I think you guys will really enjoy the show.


Talked to Boreanaz before I left L.A. and he’s doin well, and very happy..  With the help of all of you supporting him and his show.  Keep it up..  Sorry to everyone in Australia, really wanted to see you blokes and get to meet you, I WILL be there soon I promise…  Don’t give up on me, and I’m bringin’ my Guitar…  But I have to work or I won’t have anything to talk about witcha’..  Thanx to everybody down under for bein’ so understanding…   


Gonna put a new song up on MySpace that a lot of people have heard over in England but I wanted to share it with the rest of the world, See what ya’ll think as well….  It’s a little theme song that plays in my head from time to time.  Let us know what you think…..

Gotta go, the wind is blowing in the Windy City and I got to do my part to help rebuild the city one beer at a time…  Wish me luck and “Buckle up Tight”………



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Athens, GA 8/2/2007


Man, It’s HOT!!.. Athens, Georgia is brutal in the summer, makes Nashville look like L.A. in the winter….  Oh that’s right haven’t talk to you guys in a bit..  Well, had a blast in Europe and would personally like to think everyone that came to a show, but would like to extend a much needed thanx for those who made the entire trek with us…  Unbeleivable.. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the best fans in the world…  Sorry if we didn’t make it to your town but Europe has become a second home to us so we will be there soon, that is a promise…

Then, whewwww, back to L.A. pack, straight to Nashville, pack, and off to Athens, Georgia to start shooting a new movie called “The Hill.”  Kind of a modern day “Big Chill” with a very talented cast…. Makes every day of work feel like vacation, but when you do what you love is it really work?  But it is hot.. Just about to wrap up and back to Nashville to get back in the studio.. Everyone on the team is working nonstop to get the new record to you guys…  I for one can’t wait to see what ya think…  Throwin’ up another Smoke Signal…  Hope everyone is safe and has a whole lotta love in there heart and a cold beer in there hand..  Til next time Buckle up tight and do a little dance to start the day…  We’ll be in your town soon…..CK


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Signals from the train to Brighton…

Well boys and girls we are on a train outta Liverpool and we’ve had two great shows so far thanks to all the support we have gotten. We finished Birmingham and jumped on the rail to Liverpool, jumped off, soundcheck, back for a bite to eat then on stage to a rockin’ crowd that was ready to go… The energy has been unbelievable coming from the first couple of rows and sometimes we forget we are performing for them cause they’re singing louder than us…. I love that.. It is the biggest compliment you can get when you are not in your country… Everybody has made us feel like home and I for one am not home sick, yep, seems we’ve gotta lotta family out here on the road less traveled… But that’s how we roll………….


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First Signals…

Hello friends and family.. As we have been in the studio writing and recording for our upcoming album we have not been able to get out there on the road and see all of ya, though it’s coming.. and since I can’t possibly call all of ya, I figured I’d throw up some smoke signals to hit all of you..

Been working very hard in the studio, and with Jimmie Lee Sloas (Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, etc…..) producing and Derek B. (Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, etc…….) engineering we’ve got some stuff that I am so proud of, coming your way.

As most of you know Steve and I are off to the UK to hang and play for friends that have become more like family to us. Then back here to continue on the album.

Finished “Hide” in August and the producer flew a copy in to let me and Rachel Minor have a look see and man, It is awesomely romantic, dark, beautiful, and grotesque all in one.. Think Natural Born Killers meets True Romance…. very proud..

I will try to keep you guys updated at least a couple of times a month, if not more, to what is happening with Kane, with the use of these Smoke Signals so until next time remember to “Buckle Up Tight” we’re off to the UK where everybody “Sings and Drinks and Laughs and Gets High”……..  Christian


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