This is where you can write in and ask questions of Christian Kane.   Some questions will be answered and some won’t.   Please don’t ask questions about Christian’s personal life since they won’t be answered and will discourage Christian from wanting to do this.  What do you want to know?   One question at a time please…


38 responses to “Ask…

  1. sammz

    Gday Christian,
    Do you have any plans in the new future to do any gigs with Kane in Australia??
    Take care and keep smilin 🙂

  2. sammz

    Hey Christian,
    Professionally, with your music and your movies, are you where you thought you might be by this stage in your life?
    Hope you answer
    Take care n keep smilin 🙂

  3. elfriniel

    Hi there, I was just wondering, having made a complete fool of myself when I met you acting like a giggling fangirl, how do you deal with that kind of thing with such charm? I know I’ve heard that you have the greatest respect for your fans but do you ever a)want to tell them to go away or b) laugh hysterically at them.
    Youre the greatest

  4. elfriniel

    Oh, just one other thing (i feel like Colombo) whats the best postal address to use if I feel like sending you a card or something? I cant find an address on the website.

  5. bbashful66


    I was just wondering if Ya’ll ever plan to do a more expansive tour of the US? Maybe to Umm…Ohio Or Indiana someday? 😉 We’d love to see you!!



  6. Jo

    If you could’ve been in any film ever made, what one would it be, and what role would you like to have played in that film?

  7. julesms

    Really enjoyed the gig in Birmingham! When are you coming back to the UK?

  8. galain

    Hi Christian,

    I was wondering if you would consider ever coming to Italy.
    I’ve already extracted a promise from Jason Manns, so the only thing missing is you guys.


  9. Hey Chris

    May be a bit of a cheeky request – but any chance you’d consider putting up the lyrics to Kane’s songs on the website?

    It didn’t take us long to crack Happy Man *G* – but there are other songs that take a little longer and some which generate quite ferocious debate!

    Lyrics would help settle a few of those (good natured) disputes!


    (PS loved all the recent gigs round the UK. Was fantastic to see you both back over here and great that you’d managed to crack out an accoustic version of The House Rules. Cn’t wait for the single and album).

  10. sammz

    Hey Christian,
    What do find the best part of being in the entertainment business and what do you get the biggest buzz from when performing? Is it playing in front of a live audience, the audience response or something else again!

    Heard a rumour the new album may be out in January 2008 – is that true?
    Cant wait to hear some new tunes, wearing out the oldies.

    Take care n keep smilin 🙂

    Best regards,


  11. bbashful66

    Ok so I allready asked a question but whatever, this one just popped into my head….

    I’ve read that you love the feedback you get from a live audience when your singing? Would you ever consider doing theatre??

    And, I’m just about to start college and major in Theatre/acting. Do you have any advice for people trying to break into the business?

    Thanks SOO much!!


  12. kammy10


    I don’t right very good english.. but i love Christian and i would like to know when he came to Arizona.. please.?
    thanks…kiss for Christian.

  13. elfriniel

    ok my one question is are you ever gonna answer this?

  14. Hiya Christian, I’m a big fan of your work on Angel and your records. Rattlesnake Smile is my favourite song on your first record. I was wondering if you’d consider putting L.A. Song on your new record? Your voice was just so beautiful when you sang it on Angel.

  15. elfriniel

    Ok I know I shouldnt be asking another question as you are already flooded but I just have to know. I have just listened to the Keep your Distance Soundtrack, and having loved the song Standing Right In Front of You in the film, was kinda surprised by the version on the soundtrack. What did you think of it? and any chance you will put the original version on a cd sometime?

  16. distractogirl

    How do you manage with being public property? I mean, you put yourself out there a lot what with hanging out with us fans after gigs, and having internet sites that are accessible by anyone who wishes, but does it ever get too much, and make you feel like you’re living in a fish bowl?

    Also, to make this less serious, I’ve read on IMDB (another place which makes me ask the above question) that you like to cook, what is your favourite thing to cook? And why?

  17. cmb2339

    I have a question that dates back to Angel. The fake hand…. how did they pull that off? Did they just make your real hand look all glossy and you just had to hold it real still, or did they put plaster over your hand…. or maybe chop off your real hand and make you wear the fake one, but seeing as you still have your right hand, I’m guessing the last one was just a stupid idea.

  18. cmb2339

    Oh, and one more thing… when was the last time you updated your websites? Your MySpace appears to be rotting. You could at least put up some pictures from when you were in England for those of us too young to cross the Atlantic by ourselves! Please? And well I got bored and looked at the FAQ and it says that you’re still looking to get signed, but I’ve recently heard that you have gotten signed. So yeah, why won’t you update for us nerds that are too lazy/ too young to actually cross the state line… or an ocean to go see you live?

  19. So here’s one more question 😉
    Take your time to answer it. It’s not that important. I was just wondering…
    On the panel at the Decalogy you told us that you like to invent some sort of background story for your characters. Now I watched “Four sheets to the wind” (Benefits of living in Munich. Finally got to see that one! Yeah!) so my question is if you do that background thing on every character or only on the bigger ones. David just turned up for a couple of minutes, so do you even bother to create him or are you just acting the way they tell you to?

  20. jadelynn

    Hey Christian, I know (well read) you have two eagle tattoos and one report said they were on your thighs and another report said they were on your calves?? So which is it and when can we finally see those bad boys?? I love tattoos and just knowing that you have some makes you that much more wonderful in my eyes! I know that sounds weird, but that’s me!! Hope you answer so I can find out the truth!! Oh and are the eagles for America or for your Indian heritage?

  21. lissie23

    Hi Christian,

    Hope the album and all your other project are going great. I’ve been a fan for quite a while. Evil Hand Issues Anyone?? *giggles*

    I wanted to know if you will be touring the US soon? I’ve been wanting to see Kane for a very long time and I’ve been wanting to meet you too. I dont know if you play gigs by yourself. i was just wondering when i’ll get to meet the other half of Kane.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I really appreciate it.

    P.S. Before i forget, what do you do on your off-time? in between project and stuff

  22. ginnean

    I had a weird dream the other day that I was at a convention and met a whole bunch of actors (yourself included) but in my dream everytime i met someone all i could say (in a batman and robin kind of voice) was “Holy Potatoes!” so my question is what is the strangest thing an over-excited/nervous fan has said when they’ve met you?

  23. kanegirl80

    Hiya 🙂

    Okay, so my question is this: Do you think KANE, will *EVER* play in Oregon or Washington? (Coz I live in Oregon & would just LOOOOOOVE it if you guys would do a show or 2…like at the State Fair at the end of August every year. Or even like The Rose Garden or one of the smaller venues. 😀 )

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

  24. finvampire

    Hiya there dude 😉 haha…just wanted to ask if there’s any possibility for you guys to play in Finland some day? 😛 I love your music so much, but I can’t even get your albums from here 😦 and usually all the net shops require credit card – which I don’t have…so…it sucks :/ LoL….anyway….Have a beautiful day and keep smilin’…Love ya!
    -Katja- Kemi,Finland

  25. stacey76

    Hey Christian! I’ve been a fan for years, but I seem to keep missing the opportunity to see you perform! Missed you by a week at Universal Studios in 2002, couldn’t get flights back to my home town to see you in Birmingham UK this year…I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy 😉 I am in Vancouver and I was wondering if playing in Canada is anywhere in the cards for you? It would be great to see you in the Great White North!!

  26. hrdrahota

    Any plans to play in Nebraska?

  27. wintersfire

    Hi Christian,

    I am new on this site, but I am a great fan of your music and love seeing you on the big screen. I was wondering if you plan to have a tour for Texas. It would be nice to have you here in the Lone Star State. I missed the last time you were here. Please come back soon. I would like to see a tour schedule posted somewhere on the site so I my plan time off from work to go.

    Sherman, TX

  28. f250

    hey there chris,mate how r ya’?
    i was just wondering what your or truck of all time is?
    i have a list that long that i’d have 2 start with the best aussie classic first a ford xa gt (a mad max car)
    *hugz* F250
    (carmie from myspace:)

  29. morrigan111

    Hi Christian!
    Are you coming to italy during you trip in Europe?Maybe to Milan?

  30. blackhillsbrat

    Any plans for a US tour, Midwest perhaps? 🙂 You’re welcome here in South Dakota anytime!

  31. phreek915

    Hey Christian,

    Love all the songs on the myspace page, they’re awesome. I’m actually not a big fan of country at all, but a friend of mine had me listen to “Let’s Take a Drive” and I was hooked! I was wondering where you get the ideas for your songs from? Are they from personal experiences (no need to get specific there) or just pulled out of thin air because they sounded good? Anyways, I hope to buy the new CD when it comes out (when is that by the way) and hopefully you guys can come to Michigan!


  32. My question is about the song “Spirit Boy” – at first I thought He was shot by persons unknown at the end, then I thought She was, but then the last verse hit me and it occurred to me that She possibly shot Him – you know the whole killing of her father not going down well and all… So, which is it? Who shot whom?

    (I’ve only known about you and your music for a year, so technically the song is only a year old to me… I haven’t been puzzling over this for the last 6 years! LOL)

  33. geminiloveca

    If you could have your way, what *one* question would you be perfectly happy to *never* again be asked in an interview?

  34. skeet5

    I have been waiting to see you on the big screen for a long time, I have been a big angel fan.
    I don’t want to go on about that you have better things Im sure then listening to me.
    I just wanted to know were I can get a cd of yours. I have tried to find one and no luck I live in Sioux Falls S.D. you would think you can find one here.Maybe you will come and sing for us some time.

    I have been out of the loop because I just found your music on myspace and it is awsume I can’t beleave that is your voice you could sing me anything and it would be mind blowing. You should be so proud because you deserve it. You will be number one or close to it this year, I can feel it.

    sorry for going on and on
    fan for life Tammy

  35. maypolerider

    Hi Christian,

    I’m a newbie fan-wise and I was wondering how to get hold of the cd now that the website lists it as ‘out of print’…is it possible or have I missed my chance?
    I live in the UK which is possibly another barrier!
    Thanks, x

  36. hkara


    I’m wondering when (if?) the Kane Cd will be back in print.

    Thank you! 🙂

  37. mustangmama

    Hi Christian. Congrats on the nomination for the CMT awards. Waiting 2 months to find out if you win is gonna drive me nuts. Okay, I’ve heard you enjoying cooking. I was wondering what is your specialty dish? I think it would be really cool to see you in a movie where you character was a chef.

    Take care and God Bless


  38. spiritofthedragon

    Hi Christian, will you be doing another tour of the UK again soon and if so any chance you can include Cardiff. Us welsh people like your music too.


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