Last on the front was a battle lost in the windy city.. and the flags symbolizing that of a bear emblazed with a letter C were flown at half mast.. But all was not lost with the massacre that I will name as The Black Wrigley.. You see from the ashes arose a small victory in the town of bad baseball luck. I found a small group of leaders that promised a new beginning. Dean Devlin, John Rodgers, and Red Sox warrior, and Academy Award Winner Timothy Hutton…. They have led me to a better land, where victory is restored. The series we were there to film HAS BEEN PICKED UP!

 “Leverage” is a GO… Another year in the sun. I am so grateful this show has sprung to life, it is an oppurtunity to play a unbeleivably fun and challenging role in a show that has everything from Drama, Action, and Intrigue to Comedy.. I am so fortunate to be working with this talented and passionate team that puts as much heart into their work as I do… Couldn’t ask for more..   Plus coming from the Angel world these guys are Action junkies like me… It also let us continue going 90 miles an hour and 100% on the new album which is coming faster and faster as we speak…

Also have some great news in the music world that is being locked as we speak… WE WILL BE BACK in a day or two, right here, with my fire and blanket to let you know more, and this is very exciting news to me… Hope you like it… BUCKLE UP!!!




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17 responses to “LEVERAGE…

  1. smokesgurl

    Looking forward to whatever news you have tucked under your hat to come to light…I’ll be waiting on pins and needles. The series pickup…hooray! Been missing you on the small screen.

    We need new Kane music…

    Patiently waiting in Texas ;0)

  2. sharonmarais

    That’s excellent news Christian. Look forward to seeing this show if (hopefully that will be ‘when’) it makes it across to us here in the UK

    All best wishes with the CMT award too.


  3. roxannemackenzie

    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    **crosses fingers for CMT award as well**

  4. wenchpixie

    Awesome news mate – congrats on the show being picked up, it looks really interesting.

    Can’t wait to hear the new music, good luck in the competition!

  5. gwentastic

    I am so excited for everything that’s coming. Congrats on everything.

  6. novascotiasam

    Your smoke signals always give us such interesting imagery. Makes me smile, something I don’t do enough of these days.

    The news about “Leverage” is welcomed. TV here is becoming kinda a wasteland.

    The music news is intriguing… Your lyrics have great depth.

    I shall go vote for the CMT video awards, if they allow foreigners… and put on my Kane CDs.

    Looking to the horizons for more smoke signals.


  7. novascotiasam

    Oops. I think I screwed up my previous comment. I am far from computer savvy. Sorry!

    I just wanted to give you kudos on your imagery, your new show and addictive music and lyrics.

    I will go try CMT. Perhaps they will let a foreigner in to vote.

    Cheers ~ Sam

  8. bbashful66

    …leverage sounds AMAZING! Rock on man!

    I can’t wait for the new CD, its been SUCH a long wait allready.

    Congrats on everything! Don’t keep us waiting for that music news! Good luck in the competition, I’m rooting for you.

  9. mustangmama

    YAY! It’s great to hear from you. Leverage sounds really good. Looking forward to seeing it. I’m excited to hear what your news is. It’s gonna be a long day or two. I was in the mall in Odessa, Tx today, saw a Cubs hat, made me think of you. Also saw the Ector County Coliseum, thought that would be good place for ya’ll to come to. I’m dying to know the tour dates and locations. I know the new album is gonna be awesome! Congrats on the nomination. I voted as soon as I heard about it. All these exicting things going on with you. 2008 is off the a great start.



  10. epic2dream

    So happy that Leverage got picked up, I was hoping it would because it sounds really good and TNT is a great network with great shows. You have been missed on TV. I will be one of the many waiting for more news and music on KANE. As we all need great music in our lives. KANE has great music for everyone. Congrats on the nomination, I voted as soon as I got the CMT newsletter. Hope you are doing well, and enjoying these moments!

  11. Fantastic news about the series – can’t wait to see it.

    Also great to hear the album is coming faster…although I do recall a gig at the Enterprise some what 14 months ago when you said it would be out in the new year. *G*

    So you’ve been teasing us with the promise for what – 12 months now? Teasing just isn’t fair Chris.

    Hope that means there’ll be a tour in the offering *crosses fingers*

    All the best

  12. veroden1

    glad to hear from you chris,cant wait for more news on the music front.been waiting too long.great news about your new show good luck with everything.

  13. kaneaddict

    Wow, Christian, you sound so enthusiastic about the project – it’s about time you got to star on what will, hopefully, be a popular show. Hoping for the speedy release of the new CD. Now what’s the additional news, you little tease?

  14. laurenzo

    CONGRATS!! Fab news! Leverage sounds great! 😀

    Can’t wait for music news, on the edge of my seat here!! *Does the dance of excitment*

    Come back and see me… uh, I mean ‘us’ in Liverpool, uk!!

    Good Luck for CMT awards


  15. ginnean

    That’s great news about Leverage! Congrats!
    Really looking forward to the new album too, if it’s even half as good as your first two albums, it’s gonna rock big time!

    Can’t wait to find out what this mysterious news is!

  16. kanegirl80

    AWESOME about “Leverage” finally being able to come to tv! 😀 I’m super happy for ya, Chris!!!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see it! 🙂



  17. vs0p

    Just watched the screener for Leverage, and I must say the show ROCKS!!
    Your character is awesome, the cast fits together nicely.

    lets just hope its not “A one time show, No Encores” 😉

    I look foward to seeing it on TNT

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