Athens, GA 8/2/2007


Man, It’s HOT!!.. Athens, Georgia is brutal in the summer, makes Nashville look like L.A. in the winter….  Oh that’s right haven’t talk to you guys in a bit..  Well, had a blast in Europe and would personally like to think everyone that came to a show, but would like to extend a much needed thanx for those who made the entire trek with us…  Unbeleivable.. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the best fans in the world…  Sorry if we didn’t make it to your town but Europe has become a second home to us so we will be there soon, that is a promise…

Then, whewwww, back to L.A. pack, straight to Nashville, pack, and off to Athens, Georgia to start shooting a new movie called “The Hill.”  Kind of a modern day “Big Chill” with a very talented cast…. Makes every day of work feel like vacation, but when you do what you love is it really work?  But it is hot.. Just about to wrap up and back to Nashville to get back in the studio.. Everyone on the team is working nonstop to get the new record to you guys…  I for one can’t wait to see what ya think…  Throwin’ up another Smoke Signal…  Hope everyone is safe and has a whole lotta love in there heart and a cold beer in there hand..  Til next time Buckle up tight and do a little dance to start the day…  We’ll be in your town soon…..CK



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36 responses to “Athens, GA 8/2/2007

  1. Damn, I hope you come back to Germany some time soon so I get the chance to see you guys live on stage.

    And new movie! This is sooo embarassing (at least for me), but I went to IMDb and had myself a little *squee* moment. You AND Elden Henson in the same movie? Oh man, I hope to God they got their information right. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

    Lots of love,

  2. destucson

    The movies just keep coming, huh?! Congrats!

    I miss Nashville! I was there in May. I’m in love… A few days was NOT enough time.

    Dude, what IS that dog statue?! Can’t read the plaque. Kinda cute and creepy at the same time!

    Stay safe and get some sleep! 😉

  3. Hey Chris, good to hear from you again. Was wondering where you disappeared to after the UK trip.

    It’s great to hear you got another movie gig. But it’s true, when you do what you love doing, it really isn’t work. It’s just fun.

    Keep cool down there, and even when you get back to Nashville. But I’m sure if you just keep the beer flowin’ non-stop, that’ll help cool you off a bit.

    *~ Alison ~*

  4. Heya,
    We also had a blast in the UK! Was fun to do the whole tour with you guys!! :-))) And of course I’m already waitin’ for you to come back…yeehaa…
    Congrats to the new movie…looking forward to watching it!
    Cold beer is here…but not any much longer…starting parting right now…
    hope to hear you soon
    take care

  5. highwayhifi

    Athens is the greatest little town – hope you’re getting some of their awesome soul food and enjoying the cool bars!
    Looking forward to the new album

  6. Glad to hear you had that much fun in the UK… we had a blast as well!! How much fun we had indeed, you can watch here:

    lol.. There you go.. hope you like it 🙂

    Thanks for the updates btw… we’re really curious about that film now… we’ve looked at imdb, and wow, there are a bunch of cool actors you’re workin’ with… desmond harrington.. that’s so cool..

    Can’t hardly wait for the new album!!!

    lots of love,

    Nina and Ricarda xoxo

  7. ginnean

    Man, you’ve been busy! glad to hear you’re having a great time though and congrats on the new role. Love that picture, so funny. Thanks for the laugh, take care of yourself 🙂

  8. cmb2339

    awesome bulldog statue. What it has to do with anything, I don’t know, but it’s still awesome.

    I hope you’re somehow managing to have fun while baking down there.

  9. cmb2339

    Awesome bulldog statue, what it has to do with anything, I don’t know, but it’s still awesome.

    I hope you’re still managing to have fun even though you’re baking down in Georgia.

    And with all the traveling you’re doing, I’m marveled that you’ve found the time to breathe!

  10. wenchpixie

    Sounds like you’ve been busy 🙂 I think we call it lucky when you love your job that much.

    Can’t wait to hear the new CD and the new movie sounds pretty awesome too.

    Remember to keep hydrated in the heat and keep on doing what you’re doing, because you’re obviously doing it right.

  11. Ah Led Zeppelin, I know why I like you haha

    Great to hear from you, hope you don’t melt in this heat ’cause we want to see you play some new songs in europe soon.
    Was a blast to see and hear you play, as always!

    Lookin’ forward to the new movie, sounds very nice.

    And the bulldogs, is that something like the art thing with the cows in NYC? …I liked them lol

  12. Still wondering when the heck you sleep, hon. But can’t wait to see and hear the end result of all your hard work the last year or so.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

    Thank you for being who you are, doing what you do, and sharing it with the rest of us.


    ~Sheri aka Ahmalia

    PS ~ Now go take a nap!!! = )

  13. Few Days ago I sat in front of my Computer and chatted with a friend of me, on which new Movie you work. [we heard some rumors about that.]

    Yeah….after a long journey on the web, I landed on IMDb and I finally knew it was “the Hill” *giggle*

    I hope the Movie comes in the German Cinemas. Would be a good reason, that all crazy Germans be on a spot again. ^^

    Okay I come to the important Part.

    I wish you a lot of fun there, but you sounds so that you have it!
    I don`t know but in every single word you write I feel so much love for that what you do! And I really like that!

    Sorry… I know I prattle, but I wanted to tell you this already for a long time.

  14. elfriniel

    Thanks for the update, me being the total moron I am started worrying cos we hadnt heard from you for so long. Now you just need to answer all the questions in the ask section 😉
    Great that you are loving your work but dont overdo it, specially in that heat, I’m Irish, I boil when it stops raining so cant imagine the heat there.
    Cant wait for new films/cds pretty much anything 🙂
    Take care

  15. Ah, it’s good to read you again. Keep checking the blog everytime I’m posting one of my own entries. *lol*

    Thanks for the update. Gotta check out that new movie on
    though information on there might not always be right at least it’s a first idea 😉 Though personally I am waiting a lot more for “Hide” and there’s still no sign it is coming out anytime soon…

    The tour was great. Enjoyed every single gig and it was just so much fun following you around. Uhm… well. That sounds like we were stalking you, doesn’t it?!
    Hope you’ll get back over here soon. God knows when I’ll manage to get my ass over that stupid lake to see you guys in your own country 😉

    verrrry much looking forward to your next post. Oh and the beer… well. I kinda don’t drink when I have to work the next day. But I’ll have one tonight. *lol*
    take care!

  16. kaniac

    nice to hear from you….great that there is another project in the works

  17. Well, busy is better than bored, I guess.

    Try to kick back a little as well, though. Too much work is stressful.

    Take care


  18. bbashful66

    Glad to hear that you’re doing well!!!

    I can’t WAIT to hear the new CD!!! I bet its gonna rock!!!

  19. jadelynn

    Oh yeah its hot I’m in SC and the weather isn’t much different!! For everyone else I believe that bulldog pic is for the Georgia Bulldogs, its their mascot. If I’m wrong let me know. Anyway I’m glad you’re doing well Chris!! You’re always working on something!! Good for us, but don’t wear yourself to thin man I’d miss ya to much if you just dropped out of the business!! Can’t wait to see Hide and the movie you’re working on now and the new cd, my mp3 is yelling at me cause the other two cds are being played out!!haha Anywho, glad to hear from ya and love ya lots! Take care of yourself and looking forward to more signals!!

  20. distractogirl

    Pleased to see another smoke signal on the horizon! I’m just dying to hear that new CD – just as long as us lot over this side of the pond can get our hands on it! Best of luck with the new movie, I’ll just bet it’s going to be great.

    Take care of yourself, and don’t work too hard!

  21. savvyrose

    I was surprised to hear you were filming so close to my town, so that’s really cool. And lucky you got to come down here at the beginning of our summer heat wave!

    Hopefully you can come down this way and perform sometime soon, till then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the new album!

  22. mia1057

    Looking forward to the new CD, don’t forget to come to Scotland next time you are in Europe. Best of luck on the new movie. Take Care of yourself.

  23. kanegirl80

    Hey Christian 🙂

    It’s so cool that you have this web-journal thing & that you can find the time to keep us fans all updated on what’s going on with your music & acting careers! 🙂

    I am very much looking forward to the new movies AND the new album! 🙂


  24. annemiek81

    Dont work too hard and try to enjoy Summer too!

    I was totally shocked when i saw you guys were in Amsterdam too last June! Dude! tell me next time or put up a show there! 😉

    Cant wait for the new record and good luck to everyone involved!

  25. Very cool stuff. Or ‘hot’ stuff in the GA temperatures. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

    Enjoying your job is just the best and I am glad you’re one of the lucky ones too. Look forward to the new movie(s) and can hardly wait for the new CD!!


  26. sharonmarais

    Boy do you sound busy, but you also sound happy so that’s all of the good.

    It’s my wedding anniversary so I do indeed have a whole lotta love in my heart, hubby by my side and a nice glass of wine in my hand. 🙂

    Really hoping the films make it over here to the UK and looking forward to the new album. Take care, and all best wishes


  27. justsue05

    It’s a statue of Uga the bulldog, the official mascot of the University of GA, located in Athens. And the only thing hotter, more humid, and more miserable than GA in August is New Orleans. You can fry and egg on the sidewalk quicker than you can on a griddle. Yes, I’m from GA and not to far away from Athens. No, not a bulldog fan. Go Irish!
    Can’t wait for the album.

  28. lenastockton

    Glad to hear you’ve been busy and staying out of trouble… you have been staying out of trouble right? 😉
    Anyhow, I just have one question… please, please, please, please, please make a stop in Michigan during the next tour, okay? I know we would show ya’ll a great time and I’d love the chance to see you live!
    Good luck with the movie and the new album… can’t wait to hear it!

  29. mischiefinga

    In Athens and you didn’t stop in Atlanta? Sheesh!
    Glad to hear things are going so well for you guys. Can’t wait for the new tunes as I’ve got some friends hooked on the older stuff. House Rule #7 has become something of an anthem to some of us………………..

    I’m headed to Nashville this weekend. Looking forward to be a bit cooler. It’s been HOT here!

    Got any shows happening?

  30. hvnslittledevil

    Some reason all I could think of was Shawn Mullins singing “It’s like Nashville, with a tan”.
    Makes me dread the trip to Atlanta next weekend if it’s that hot.

    I really hope you will have shows here in the good ole’ US soon. Nashville would be good, Knoxville would be great. LOL

  31. kaneaddict

    Hi Chris! Amsterdam has to make it onto your tour agenda the next time you’re over here – I’ll be there and I’ll form a posse to come along with me. I hope the filming is progressing well – any tv offers in the pipeline? Is there a release date set for your new recording? Looking forward to being thoroughly Kane-ed. Tot ziens (as they say in Holland). Luv & hugs, Lynn (aka Kaneaddict) XX.

  32. ladymaya

    Hey Chris,
    here is a thought for your next trip, you gotta come and pay Berlin a visit , play here there is a whole lot of clubs who would love to have ya and your band.
    Cant wait for the new album, hope your promoting it with a huge Europe tour soon.
    Oh and its no high tempertures ,or never gets that hot as in Georgia..SEE Another reason why we need guys to come play here in Germany´capitel a gig, so its finaly getting hot:)))
    Enjoy your sommer
    see ya

  33. youfiethebest

    Hey!! Cool, you’ve got a blog!!
    …. And you’re in Europe!^^
    I’m from France (Nantes), will you come to sing here??
    Anyway, i’m (finally) watching Angel season 5, and i really love it!! Yesterday, i’ve watch the episode where you were track in a dimension!! Funny :p!!

    I loved you singing in Lorne’s bar!! You know, you’ve got a such beautiful voice!! I was watching you as Cordelia did: With stars on my eyes (…and err… a little dribble on the corner of my mouse as Tex Avery… :-p you’re so cute!!)
    That’s a good things to read you’re ok, you’re always singing and shooting films! I can’t wait to see you on your next one!!
    I wish you all the best sings… things, and send you a lot of bisous ^_^!!


  34. chickie6969

    Great to hear you’re keeping busy and workin’ on the new cd. Love all the new songs I’ve heard so far…would love to see the songs on your myspace page on the cd along with Blaze and the new version of Middle American Saturday Night…and if you were to put one cover song on the cd I’d love Luckenbach Texas. Lookin’ forward to more new songs and of course a long awaited KANE show…puhleeze!!!


  35. evilhandissues

    Glad you’re back on track ^^
    Can’t wait to listen to your new album, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!!

    Evil Hand Issues Team

  36. kbarrett

    Do you guys have a new CD out?

    Also, nice blog. But that picture is too wide and it’s screwing up your layout fyi.

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